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Güvenilir Görsel Güvenlik Fligranı

When creating an ID card, aspects such as colour, design and layout can sometimes take precedence over the most important element, the security. Without a card security feature, anyone with access to any ID card printer could make a convincing copy of your card.

All Magicard ID card printers have a built-in card security feature – HoloKote, which prints a secure watermark on the card’s surface.

Both the Magicard Rio Pro and Helix offer the option of customising this watermark to your organisation’s unique logo or security design, tiled or stretched across the card.

Custom Tile
Custom Stretch
Custom HoloKote Rio Pro
Custom HoloKote Helix

Added visual security at no extra cost

HoloKote, patented by Magicard, is a secure watermark that is printed on to the card surface during the normal print cycle using standard consumables (ribbons and cards).
The HoloKote image is frosted into the clear overcoat application of the standard print process resulting in a watermark like layer that can be visually verified when the card is tilted in the light. With all Magicard direct-to-card printers, the user can select from four standard secure HoloKote designs using the printer driver.

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